Vegan Essentials


I wanted to write a quick blog post about my vegan essentials to help out anyone who feels lost when they walk into a grocery store. Heading to the store with no idea what to buy can be intimidating. For me, buying a few essentials each time I go helps me stay on track. Being vegan in college is honestly all about preparation. With these few necessities, I know I will be prepared for whatever the week throws at me. Here’s a list of the basics and why they’re so great to have around!

-Peanut butter – high in protein & great to put on fruits. I LOVE peanut butter.

-Bananas – super filling and easy to transport.

-Mixed nuts – I always have a bag of mixed nuts, cashews or almonds with me. They’re such an easy and quick snack and also filled with protein!

-Granola bars – another quick, easy protein source. also very easy to make if you’re feeling a DIY

-Quinoa – this is definitely a dinner time staple. I always have some made and ready to go in my fridge.

-Frozen fruits – perfect for smoothies. I eat a lot of smoothies.

-Almond milk – for the smoothies, mostly. (and coffee)

-Hummus – I literally put hummus on anything. Sandwiches, wraps, pita chips, with veggies, etc.

-Spinach & other greens – easy to throw into smoothies for some extra nutrients. Also good for quick salads

-Pretzels – not plant based but good with peanut butter and easy to take on the go.

I also have a huge pile of fresh fruits and veggies in my fridge but I felt like that one was pretty obvious. I hope this list finds you well if you ever were curious about what vegan college students eat. Every item on this list is also very budget friendly becauseĀ again, I’m just a college student. Anyway, I should be back next week with some new recipes, if finals don’t get me first.




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