I went vegan!!!

So recently I’ve been reading a lot about whole food, plant-based diets. Eating mostly plant-based foods is supposed to give you energy, prevent a bunch of diseases and make you feel better overall. I’ve also read about several people curing their digestive issues with a plant based diet. I’ve been placed on several different diets throughout my struggle with digestive issues but I’ve never tried going completely vegan. Mostly because this seemed quite impossible for a girl who loves all things dairy and meat. I decided (after watching a documentary…I know) to give it a try! I signed up for a meal planning website and last Sunday I dragged my sister to the grocery store to purchase mostly veggies and fruit. Despite the backlash from my hesitant sister, (we live together which means we eat the same meals) I was very excited to try this new lifestyle out. I figured if I could solve my problems with the food that I ate, why would I deny my body that opportunity?


Going vegan, in theory, sounds simple enough. However, it was not as easy as everyone makes it look. Granted, I decided to go vegan on the week of Valentine’s Day so I didn’t make it any easier on myself. When I told my boyfriend about the switch he just looked at me and asked, “So I can’t buy you chocolate??” He was a good sport about it though and took me out to lunch at a healthy grab and go type café where I had avocado toast and a fruit bowl.bliss-balls-cover

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and will do my best to stick to this diet. I told myself that if I could just get through this week, I would see how I felt and take it from there. I think the biggest piece of advice that I read was to get rid of all temptations when going vegan. By filling up my fridge with only fruits and vegetables, I was forced to only eat these things. This was occasionally made difficult by the fact that I live with a roommate who is not vegan but I still think it really helped. I also found that sticking to a meal plan was really helpful. Instead of having to stress over what my next meal would be, everything was already laid out for me. For my first week, I used the Forks over Knives meal planner. (https://www.forksmealplanner.com) In the future, I’ll do my own meal planning but this was a great way to get started.


I honestly thoroughly enjoyed my week of being vegan and I’m excited to stick with it. Throughout the upcoming weeks, I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes that I’ve made and some more tips about being vegan in college. I’m definitely not an expert but I’m willing to share what has and hasn’t worked for me. I’m still learning so much about veganism and my own body and I would love to take you along for the journey! Stay tuned!

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One thought on “I went vegan!!!

  1. They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, so if you make it 21 days as a vegan you should be good to go! 🙂 I transitioned to a vegan diet about 1 year ago, however now I follow a plant-based diet. I can only ensure you that a vegan diet has tons of benefits, but that diet need to be planed out well.
    If you have any questions regarding the diet, check out my blog which I started a couple days ago. I am happy to answer any questions!
    Good luck with your journey!

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