Just Arugula Gurl

Hey, everyone! My name is Maia and I truly am just arugula girl. I love cooking and hope to use this blog to share my passion with other regular people. I thought I would use this first post as a little introduction so here goes: I’m currently a freshman, studying Public Relations at the University of Florida. I love photography, my dog and not spending money. As a rule, I’m generally over-involved and underfunded. I’ve always enjoyed cooking but mostly when someone else paid for the ingredients. As a college student, I’ve learned to cook on a budget while eating relatively healthy food. Thus, this blog was born. It’s not easy to come up with meals every day and much easier to just pick something up from a restaurant. This blog will hopefully inspire you to try and cook dinner for yourself instead of indulging in fast food. Like I said, I’m just a regular, busy student trying my best to put good food in my belly. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with a host of digestive health problems. I never really thought about the correlation between my health and the food I ate until college. Once in college, I made a real effort to avoid food that would upset my stomach and aimed to only eat food that would help me. I realized I could use my love for cooking to really benefit my personal health in the long run. So if you want to eat healthier or you’re just looking for some tasty and simple recipes, then check out this arugula girl’s blog!


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